Friday, April 14, 2006


It's 22 days until the next Biograph softball reunion on May 6th. The photographs in this post offer five reasons for attending this year's party:

1. For the record.

The photo to the left, shot by Jack Colan in 1989 at Chandler shows Larry Rohr keeping track of matters. Yes, Larry is still keeping track of who shows up and who doesn't.

2. For the laughs.

The second shot, also by Jack in the same year, shows the unique pitching form of Dusty Thorn. Dusty may have gotten a bit grayer since then -- who hasn't? -- but he still has that chock-full-of-finesse pitching delivery and it's always good for a laugh to see him on the mound. Perhaps only Hank Brown, Thorn's longtime apprentice, has a daintier pitching form. Some of the guys look pretty weird running, too.

3. For the camaraderie.

The group picture below, by Dutch Perlstein in 1999 at Pine Camp, depicts the sort of classic Fan District Softball League camaraderie that can easily be found at every reunion gathering. From left to right they are: Chuck, Ernie, Saz, Martha, Terry, Stu and Jack. You'll think you're still at Chandler Ballfield, but probably glad you're not.
4. For the weather, as shown in the scene below, which was shot by Kim Pickle (now Tucker), in 1980 at a season-ending keg party for the Naturals. The gathering was at (and in the courtyard behind) the Franklin Street carriage house I inherited from Chuck Wrenn, in which I lived in that one summer.
5. For the good luck it brings when you get in the group photo, as the 1984 shot at Clark Springs below. The luck lasts for pieces of the year that follows (the photographer is unknown).

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