Saturday, July 29, 2006

staff: Kimberly Pickle

In 1978 Kimberly Pickle (now Tucker), with her bright smile, was hired during an especially busy summer. Occasionally, due to behind-the-scene business -- feuds between distributors and exhibitors -- the Biograph would get to play first run pictures with considerable commercial potential, so the staff had to expand to deal with the large crowds.

Ordinarily, the independent Biograph was shut out of the running for such product. However, in 1974 the Biograph benefited thusly from a spat between the dominant local theater chain, Neighborhood Theatres, and Paramount. Chinatown and The Conversation, among other titles, opened there as a result.

In 1978 it was United Artists and Neighborhood who were fighting. So, among others, the Biograph got the chance to premiere a Pink Panther picture (I forget which one) and a Burt Reynolds football flick, Semi Tough. As a bonus Kim served from time to time as a part-time cashier through 1982.
(Photo Credit: F. T. Rea)

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Tom Kendall said...

July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kim.

And many, many, more...

Tom Kendall