Saturday, May 05, 2007


This year’s Biograph softball reunion, the 28th annual on Derby Day, took place on a damp and almost chilly afternoon. Most of the time it was misting, rather than actually raining. But with the help of some tents and tarps the group had a place to lay out a headquarters with food tables, etc.No softball game was played and I heard no one say they missed it. It’s not the first time the game has been blown off. It surely won’t be the last.

The old Fan District Softball League’s official Hall of Fame plaque, with the 43 names of those who were inducted into the hall engraved on brass plates, reappeared mysteriously. It had been missing for some time, said to have been stolen by unknown agents, perhaps even some sort of fanatics. It looks a little more beat up than the last time I saw it, but perhaps it has more character now.In the past the piece itself has hung in various bars, including the Cary St. Cafe, Soble’s and Poe’s Pub. Hopefully it will find a new and appropriate home soon.New faces at this year’s get-together included John “Big Daddy” Richardson, Howard Awad and Jack deTreville. Well, maybe it’s a stretch to call those guys’ faces “new.” Let’s just say it was nice to see the concept of expanding the party to include players and friends who were associated with other Fan League teams is picking up steam.The party went much as it usually does, ending with the Kentucky Derby being watched on little battery-powered televisions. Unlike some years, no one got hurt today. Not playing the game has its upside.
Photos: SLANT

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