Thursday, July 17, 2008


The photo above documents one of Larry Rohr's rides through the auditorium during a midnight screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Larry only performed his feat on special occasions, such a anniversaries, etc. This time it was for the night that "Rocky" broke the local record for consecutive weeks that a movie played at the same theater.

The record (I think it was 88 weeks) had been held by "The Sound of Music" at the Willow Lawn in the '60s.

So, at the Biograph we had a little fun by having a ceremony in which we literally broke the "Sound of Music" soundtrack album, the record, as seen below. Bravely, John Porter held the vinyl, as the tuxedoed manager of the repertory cinema wielded the hammer.

Larry's rides always took place during the scene where Meatloaf crashes out of a frozen vault on his motorcycle. "Rocky" went on to play for exactly five years before its run ended. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

-- Photographs by Ernie Brooks


beth said...

What a fetching young lad you were!

WaynesWorld9 said...

I had the honor of filling in for the WolfMan Rohr's midnight ride while he was on vacation. Definitely a highlight of my life! How many folks can say they've ridden a motorcycle through a movie theater?