Sunday, March 25, 2007


For the Biograph’s 10th anniversary (Feb. 11, 1982) we booked “My Dinner with Andre,” which had been shot in 16mm by director Louis Malle in Richmond’s Jefferson Hotel. It was the film's Virginia premiere.

The art-house picture depicted a conversation over dinner by two old friends, who discussed their opposing philosophies and their conclusions about life. The food used in the scenes in the movie was provided by local chef/caterer Chris Gibbs. He showed up on the set at the hotel, which was closed and undergoing a major renovation, every morning with a fresh batch of Cornish hens and wild rice to be made to look half-eaten and set before the actors. Several locals appeared in small parts and as extras.

For the film’s premiere party at the Biograph, which also served as a $25-a-head fundraiser for VCU's Anderson Gallery, Gibbs served up the same meal as was displayed and consumed in the movie. It went over like Gangbusters.
Photo by Larry Rohr

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