Saturday, March 31, 2007


1977's Fan District Softball League commissioners Terry Rea and Chuck Wrenn at the postseason awards picnic at Tony Martin's farm.

Chuck gave me a print of this photo, which I had not seen before, on a recent visit to his home. We had a good time looking at a bunch of slides from 1977 he had just found in a box. Chuck even had some shots of Leo Koury umpiring (click here for more on Koury).

Please allow this 30-year-old image to remind those who need reminding that the Derby Day softball reunion party will happen again this year (on May 5th) at the ballfield behind Thompson School (same as last year) on Forest Hill Avenue from noon until 6 p.m., as per usual. This year marks the 28th time this party has been held on the same afternoon as the Kentucky Derby.
According to Larry Rohr, this year more emphasis is being put on having Fan Leaguers from other teams -- such as J.W.Rayle, the Back Door, DeTreville, the Bamboo Cafe, etc. -- to come to the party, which will make it more than just a Biograph Theatre softball reunion.

The hope is to build it up to make it an annual get-together for the league's colorful 20 years (1975-94) of players, fans/friends, and for folks who worked/hung out at the theater, itself. To some extent that has been happening in recent years, already.

Larry also says to bring food, drink and a lawn chair. For more info call him at (804) 233-2295.

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