Monday, July 04, 2005

Artist/musician Rebby Sharp took a healthy cut at the ball on the diamond at Clarke Springs School. Who knows? Maybe she hit it.

Sharp pitched for the Biograph women's softball team, a spunky group of art girls who dubbed themselves the Estrojets. Rebby also was a founding member of the art rock/jazz fusion band known as the Orthotonics, the Richmond band with the most original sound and the best handbills in that era.

As it turned out, the 'Jets' only opponent that summer was the Jade Elephant, a squad made up of waitresses, bartenders and a few female regulars at the bar. It was fun watching the underdog Biograph team win both games in 1981, which proved to be their only year of play.

A key performer for the Jade, Yvonne Wyer (pictured right), stood in the batter's box ready to hit a pitch from Rebby.

(Photos: Chuck Wrenn)

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