Sunday, July 03, 2005

staff: David Levy

Harvard-trained attorney David Levy was probably the most film-savvy of the original Georgetown owners. In the late-'60s he served as the first manager of "M" Street's Biograph, which lasted 29 years (1967-96). In 1974 Levy split with his partners to become a film distributor and to operate the Key Theatre on Wisconsin Avenue. That Levy's bold thinking about film and promotion -- not to mention politics -- was all over the early days of both Biographs is undeniable.
David Levy
(family photo)
Washington Post (September 17, 2004): "S. David Levy, 67, who helped found the Biograph Theatre and was co-owner of the Key Theatre, which kept alternative cinema alive in Washington for decades, died Sept. 15 at Washington Hospital Center. He had chronic leukemia for more than 20 years. A film fan since law school, Mr. Levy held several jobs in the legal profession early in his career but dashed them for a chance to start a movie house. With his four partners, including two lawyers, he founded the Biograph at 2819 M St. NW in what was once an auto salesroom."

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