Friday, July 01, 2005


Shortstop Preston Creasey (left) and pitcher Larry Rohr were teammates in 1976 on the Biograph's first softball team, the Swordfish, which had two French softball players on its roster.

Rain or shine the party, softball game or not, has unfolded since 1980 without fail. The teammates are shown here relaxing in the shade at the Biograph's 26th annual Derby Day softball reunion, which was held on May 7, 2005 at Thompson Middle School in one of the more polite sections of Dogtown.

And, speaking of dogs, the eye-catching platter of gourmet hot dogs (shown to the right) did not last long on Derby Day. Who could resist?

As this presentation so vividly illustrates, the competition among the players and their respective squeezes to bring out top shelf food to one-up the other guy is every bit as keen as the competition on the softball field.

(Photo Credit: F. T. Rea)

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