Monday, July 04, 2005


J. W. Rayle (1976)

The Fan District Softball League. Now there's a subject that ought to have its own blog, one day. J. W. Rayle (above). Hababas. The Back Door. The Bamboo Cafe. Joe's Inn. Buddy's. The Jade Elephant, and then there was a squad known as Arnold's Pinheads.

Like Rayle, the Biograph entered the organized softball world in 1976. Although the theater itself eventually closed in 1987, the softball team kept going. When the Fan League folded up in 1994, the Biograph softball team, such as it was, moved to another league and continued fielding a team through 2004. This year the run ended. But the Biograph's annual softball reunion game on Derby Day went on same as it ever was...
(Photo Credit: maybe Artie Probst using a delayed shutter)

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